Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogger Exported to WordPress

So I've been meaning to play with it for some time but during that little Internet job at Old BillingsGate I eventually got round to installing WordPress on my server. After quite a bit of twaking and fettling I sorted out my template but could I work out how to port all my posts from Blogger where this is across to word press. It seems there used to be a really easy way that stopped working a month or so ago where from your Wordpress dashboard you can select the link to import from blogger your taken over to google world to log in and all should then be good however I got a authorisation error every time. Much searching and the trying of different things lead me to this post over at the forums which worked for me and you can now view the results at a few little things yet to sort out but hopefully soon it should be all up and running.

So in short I backuped/exported my blog from blogger to a xml file on my machine

then I used to convert that xml file into a wordpress wxr file.

I then imported that file into my wordpress dashboard and all is buenos!


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