Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Blog now on line

After much tweaking and fettling on my part my new and improved blog is now online at This now means all of my sight is now hosted in one location and I now have greater control of the look and feel of the way it behaves. I hope you will continue to follow my activities at my new home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

450miles, 90 minutes of recording and a trip to the Pallace

Now I could happily do days like this all the time, the original plan was Tim of and my self would mooch on up to Manchester catch We Will Rock You before he had to go do a little recording at the Lower Theatre Manchester for a Creative Culture and Education seminar while I walked some of the Third Year Sound Technology and Theatre Performance Technology students from LIPA. Before we headed back down the M6 for home, however Tim got called to a meeting so I got to do the whole thing on my own. Like I said i could happily do this all the time, nice little recording, and walking around talking about my work. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogger Exported to WordPress

So I've been meaning to play with it for some time but during that little Internet job at Old BillingsGate I eventually got round to installing WordPress on my server. After quite a bit of twaking and fettling I sorted out my template but could I work out how to port all my posts from Blogger where this is across to word press. It seems there used to be a really easy way that stopped working a month or so ago where from your Wordpress dashboard you can select the link to import from blogger your taken over to google world to log in and all should then be good however I got a authorisation error every time. Much searching and the trying of different things lead me to this post over at the forums which worked for me and you can now view the results at a few little things yet to sort out but hopefully soon it should be all up and running.

So in short I backuped/exported my blog from blogger to a xml file on my machine

then I used to convert that xml file into a wordpress wxr file.

I then imported that file into my wordpress dashboard and all is buenos!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FIPP London 2009

Well it has been another great day on behalf of Surfhire for White Space Productions" Down at the FIPP International Federation of the Periodical Press World Congress at Old Billingsgate my self and Will Jones have mainly spent the day surfing the internet as everything is working perfectly. Every one seems nice and happy, just how we like it. Though I do wonder if reading online is possible inapropiate behaviour given this is all about the printed press. Hopefully it shouldn't take Will and I too long to pull it all out this evening!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Back to work, providing the internet

I've been having such a lovely time at home, I've been having great fun with Fe and Hannah, I've made good progress with my DIY tasks, mainly the fence and the loft. I've also caught up with some of the family and firnds. However I am now back at work and am set to be for the duration of what prommises to be a great bank holiday weekend. Though it's not all bad, my task for the next few days is to provide internet access to the deligates and staff at the FIPP World Magasine Congress here at Old Billings Gate. So it should be a failry stress free slide back into the work a day world. Now where did I put my twitter book mark?