Sunday, March 22, 2009

We Will Rock You - Manchester Opening Night.

What a week! I did arrive a little late to the party, Day 3. The team had had a fairly rough time of it. Unaided by a raft of things that simply did not go acording to plan and not having a lot of time to get it all together there were early starts and late finishes. By the time I arrived they had not long finished getting the PA up there was still a fair sea of flight cases in every available and unavaialble space. Though just so I didn't feel too left out there was a over head camer to be rigged which invilved me climbing along one of the LX trusses and nearly getting flown out with the LX ladders. All very amusing for all involved. The was some PA tweaking a little comms fettling and labeling to keep me busy until the tech started.

Mind you anything we did have to do took twice as long as we had to fish our cases out of the dock to get at anyting. But thankfully there was nothing major to change.

Opening night from where I was sat was pretty dam good, especially considering all that had gone on during this week. Good Times!


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