Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We Will Rock You Day one in Production Rehearsals

Oh My, what a day! We did indeed manage to get almost everything out of the door in time there are are only a few things on back order. However the most exciting/dissapointing thing about our first day in rehearsals was the fact that the show deck had been set 2 meters from the wall on it's down stage edge. What's wrong with that you ask, well where do we put our prosc speakers? And where do we put front of house. Oh and when all the creatives want to walk back and fourth across the front of the stage where will they go? But I was sure people much higher up the food chain had maid that decision and I just set about making it happen within those conditions. We also found I had got my male and female the wrong way round one one of my looms, also one of the looms had been made not to my paperwork, so I think I make that a no socore draw. Other than that all went well, we unpacked our full trailer and packed most of it straight back up in the corner.

As the day went on it became evident there were going to be quite a few problems with the show deck being where it was. At 4 o'clock we were asked to go for coffee while they worked it out, only to return to discover we needed to pack up Front of House, and pull back all our cables as the chips were going to turn the set through 90 degrees. I guess that's not really what they wanted to hear after two days of work. So I'm not entireley sure what we'll find thismorning.


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