Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Bye Mary - Final Mary Poppins Fitup Cardiff WMC

Well it's a sad day, Mary Poppins has arrived at her last venue of the tour the Wales Millennium Centre. One of my favourite theatres in the UK I think it is a really easy venue to work in most things have been well thought out, and I think it looks really good. The crew are pleasant and efficient, what more could you ask for. So with all this on our side we set about fitting up the show in a day less than we had done previously. It was a team of usual suspects on our part Tim and the helm, Jim, Andy Dave and Myself. Joined for one night only Shoddy and Jeff who having done the out came down to fleece the delays and surrounds. We were along side the dedicated show crew of Dave, Gippo and Alex.

We made good headway on the Sunday getting the racks in and running in allot of the infrastructure it made a nice change our truck been less than two hours later than advertised, what a joy. As I mentioned the cable routes were fairly painless and with one of the widest stages I've toured into and loads of space sub stage the pressure for flight case tetris. The rest of the fit up followed on in this fairly painless theme. There was a semi late night rigging the up and down LX ladders and space rigging the prosc was a bit tight with the wall, lights and the speakers, but there is a fair amount of stuff to get in a not overly large space, but that is how it always is.

So It is with a glint of sadness that I write this from the tran home, it has been a real pleaure working on this show. It's been great working back along so many old friends it does make it a lot easier when everyone gets along. So until the next time, good bye Mary Poppins, and Hello Freddie!


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