Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evita Lononderry - Good times

Oh yes this weekend I was back with my old buddy Andy Waddell, this time we were moving his show Evita from Llandudno to Londonderry. After my five and a half hour train journey from Suffolk we met up for fish and chips followed by ice cream on the sea front Happy Days! The team on the show Andy, John and Rob have made a real improvement on how the kit tours, they have taken a good chunck of time off the out and made it a lot more pleasent.

Due to the distances involved this weekend and playing into the hands of ferrys and so on it was decided to change it to a Tuesday open giving us a travel day on the Sunday. All very civil and grown up given what has been exspected before. This all left us with a lazy afternoon exploring the city, Good Times. On returning to my hotel room I was met with the towel elephant, I like it a real personal touch.

Monday morning came and we set about throwing it all into the Melinium Forum, a really nice building an intresting auditorium lay out but quite nice and very close sounding. We were amazed at how many loud speakers there are in the room I think they must do a lot of cinema stuff in there too. What was quite dissapointing was the delay in the circle were all a bit odd, two were louder than the rest and they all sounded different, quite an achievement seen as they were all off two channels of amp. So it was a delve into the deads waggon for our E0's. But I was really pleased with what we did in there and how it sounded. Oh and did you know they can level out the stalls so you have a flat push from stage level to the rear of the stalls. then once you've dropped the front two rows you can then take the rest down to a 4 degree rake. Now that's really impressive, though I would have loved to be in that design decision meeting. "how much is that going to cost and what will it give us?" ....."Oh ok then sure"

So I am now in Belfast City Airport having got the 0530 bus from Derry awaiting my flight to Liverpool so I can finish of We Will Rock You in Manchester, which news on the grape vine is they have not been having anywhere near as much fun as I've had.

I've also just witnessed a woman pay £300 to check in an extra 25kg onto a Ryanair flight. Now who said all these budget airlines were a good idea?


Blogger Deano said...

Does that towel elephant get that "excited" for all the guests?

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