Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 6

Well what a busy day, so busy in fact I've not taken any pictures. We got the Prosc Right M'elodys up, I finished off the Delay Subs in the Gallery, they boys got the front fills and the stalls subs in. The day seemed to race away from us, we where aiming for a full system check before the close of play so Sunday would be a nice easy EQ day for Mick and Paul. And it was late afternoon when we started Phase Checking everthing and I am pleased to say we had everthing comeing out the right speakers aside from some intresting pannel layout decisions by the local contractors who put the wireing in for the surround. We then hung around for a few hours waiting for electics to let us take the trusses out to trim. Live the Dream!

But it was with a good sense of achievement that we set off in search of Food and Refreshment knowing that it was all in and working! Oh YEAH!


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