Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 5

Ok so it might not be the order thing are done normally but hey we had to wait for the towers to be built, but we have at the close of play on day 5 got the PA Left all up and running, everything in the right order and worked first time OH YEAH! We had a little wobble with the RMS being Y-Split off to the other prosc and with no speakers on the end of it it wasn't too happy. Now I thought you could do that kind of thing with the RMS so there will be a bit more investigation in to that. I've also got one more UMS sub frame to get fixed to the wall, and I think that might just be the last box for the auditorium. We are all looking good for a full listening day tomorrow.

Another reslut for the books is last night we went to a restraunt that was no smoking! Everywhere in this city stinks and I mean stinks of fags, it's propper grim. But I'm not very tollerant of smoking any way.


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