Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 3

The Surround and Delays quest goes on, our local team have had a lot of fun trying to get fixings through accousticly treated walls, big cavitys and all that kind of fun. I've had the pleasure of trying to get the Mayer UMS delay subs on the wall, not to bad you think but seen as the bulding is made out of what are basically air bricks stacked up with the holes running up and down. Meaning you are basically drilling from cavity to cavity. Not entirely sure what the aproved method should be but I've managed to get three of the six to stick with fisher chem fix. Unfortunatly it's best part of a tube per sub and fustratingly the last one to go up two of the fixing didn't bite so that's where the fun starts today.

Deano - the only thing we forgot so far were M10 joining bolts.


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