Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 12

Well it's all been happening over the last couple of days, my apologies for not keeping you all informed it has been made more difficult by no longer having internet access at my apartment.

So we left off with PJ's Birthday. The local boys sorted him out a cake and everthing it was quite nice. However that was also the same day that even when armed with the patch list and all the information they took all morning to plug in the LX op, spot caller and spot comms.

We have also been plagued by some spurious RF troubles, it appears this is quite a fickle building, so after best part of a day playing with locations and frequency sets we have managed to get a good solid system.

Included in this post are some pictures from out and about in Madrid and the unique way of focusing the Circle Front. Check out the Ninja Saturday Night Fever Traffic Warden.

The Unique way of delivering your sofa if you live in a first floor apartment.

So Wednesday night after another 12 hour day a beer and tapas we arrived back at our apartment building to discover a group of reseidents stoood out the front in some sort oc comotion. Us not understanding a word that was being sed decided to ventuure in to discover the block at the front of our building was without power. But our rooms were ok, I sat down to do some emails and alike to witness the lamps in my celing then the modem, standard lamp and at about the same time the fridge and a large bang from my distbord and darkness. Great! So after a quick shower by head torch in anticipation of there being no hot water the following morning, i turned in to read my book with my trusty Petzl.

The following morning the power was back on, however my mocrowave didn't look oor smell too good, there is a good chared vibe coming from my dist board, dissapointingly I can't breathe any life into my modem, and out of my 6 lounge lights only 1 is still working.

We walked out to the street to see our main incomming suply disconnected and cables draped throught the air vent above our front door, and festooned up the street 4 doors and tailed into their supply. Comedy!

On Returning to my apartment yesterday there was no change the things that didn't work still don't and most dissapointingly of all I am with out internet access.

On the gig front all is going well we are tidging things in ready ness for the bun fight that will be the pit cabeling tomorrow and then band seating on Monday.

Is it time for me to go home yet?


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