Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 1

Well, it was with trepidation that we all arrived in good time for our Ryian Air Flight out of Stanstead on Sunday. We were anticipating a chocka flight and not being treated overly well. But thanks to Autograph sorting out our Priority Boarding we were 2nd on the plane, and yes it was cramped and yes there is the endless sales pitch but hey you know what you are signing up to. On arrival in Madrid we jumped into a Taxi to bring us in to town, now I think this chap must have thought himself a bit of a rally driver as did the entire journey at 130kph+ He found Will's hotel opposite the gig no problem but it took a few trips up and down and round back streets before we thought the bloke stood on the street with an envelope was something to do with us. All very shadey, but int was us and it appears I have the best apartment even got tinternet. Even if the bed was made up with the duvet the wrong way round so I awoke in the early hours wrestling with the opening.

So Achievements for day one are we arrived to find all our cases correctly in the building, we've tipped all front of house and the racks are cabled. We've got all the amp racks into the substage and they are cabled. The multi's between radio world, amps and FoH are in so hopefully a little bit of plugging this morning and we should have the front end up and running.

Aside from distributing loud speakers around the room the only thing we have rigged to date is the comedy advance bar, while I do admire the ladder bar on a single point, maybe it's the UK health and safety bothers that have got to me, but I wonder who did sign off on this.

What do you think to my rope light?

Now off in search of breakfast.


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