Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 12

Well it's all been happening over the last couple of days, my apologies for not keeping you all informed it has been made more difficult by no longer having internet access at my apartment.

So we left off with PJ's Birthday. The local boys sorted him out a cake and everthing it was quite nice. However that was also the same day that even when armed with the patch list and all the information they took all morning to plug in the LX op, spot caller and spot comms.

We have also been plagued by some spurious RF troubles, it appears this is quite a fickle building, so after best part of a day playing with locations and frequency sets we have managed to get a good solid system.

Included in this post are some pictures from out and about in Madrid and the unique way of focusing the Circle Front. Check out the Ninja Saturday Night Fever Traffic Warden.

The Unique way of delivering your sofa if you live in a first floor apartment.

So Wednesday night after another 12 hour day a beer and tapas we arrived back at our apartment building to discover a group of reseidents stoood out the front in some sort oc comotion. Us not understanding a word that was being sed decided to ventuure in to discover the block at the front of our building was without power. But our rooms were ok, I sat down to do some emails and alike to witness the lamps in my celing then the modem, standard lamp and at about the same time the fridge and a large bang from my distbord and darkness. Great! So after a quick shower by head torch in anticipation of there being no hot water the following morning, i turned in to read my book with my trusty Petzl.

The following morning the power was back on, however my mocrowave didn't look oor smell too good, there is a good chared vibe coming from my dist board, dissapointingly I can't breathe any life into my modem, and out of my 6 lounge lights only 1 is still working.

We walked out to the street to see our main incomming suply disconnected and cables draped throught the air vent above our front door, and festooned up the street 4 doors and tailed into their supply. Comedy!

On Returning to my apartment yesterday there was no change the things that didn't work still don't and most dissapointingly of all I am with out internet access.

On the gig front all is going well we are tidging things in ready ness for the bun fight that will be the pit cabeling tomorrow and then band seating on Monday.

Is it time for me to go home yet?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 8

Some funny pictures of the things that i've seen.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 7

While everyone else enjoyed a day off we were in the theatre making the most of the quiet time. Today was the day when Mick and Paul, the Sound Designer and Associate EQ and time the system. PJ and myself were on hand for any requests but we also set about getting all the stage foldback in and cabled and tidiying our cases and working out what can already go back. It was a nice easy day, I am really impressed with the M'elody and the rest of the Mayer kit we have, I do think it's going to be a good gig.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 6

Well what a busy day, so busy in fact I've not taken any pictures. We got the Prosc Right M'elodys up, I finished off the Delay Subs in the Gallery, they boys got the front fills and the stalls subs in. The day seemed to race away from us, we where aiming for a full system check before the close of play so Sunday would be a nice easy EQ day for Mick and Paul. And it was late afternoon when we started Phase Checking everthing and I am pleased to say we had everthing comeing out the right speakers aside from some intresting pannel layout decisions by the local contractors who put the wireing in for the surround. We then hung around for a few hours waiting for electics to let us take the trusses out to trim. Live the Dream!

But it was with a good sense of achievement that we set off in search of Food and Refreshment knowing that it was all in and working! Oh YEAH!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 5

Ok so it might not be the order thing are done normally but hey we had to wait for the towers to be built, but we have at the close of play on day 5 got the PA Left all up and running, everything in the right order and worked first time OH YEAH! We had a little wobble with the RMS being Y-Split off to the other prosc and with no speakers on the end of it it wasn't too happy. Now I thought you could do that kind of thing with the RMS so there will be a bit more investigation in to that. I've also got one more UMS sub frame to get fixed to the wall, and I think that might just be the last box for the auditorium. We are all looking good for a full listening day tomorrow.

Another reslut for the books is last night we went to a restraunt that was no smoking! Everywhere in this city stinks and I mean stinks of fags, it's propper grim. But I'm not very tollerant of smoking any way.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 4

Well then it turned out that my fixings for the Circle Sub did indeed need looking at, the wall up there was just one big cavity. We managed to get some Fisher baskets, they look like lobster pots you poke it in the hole, fill it full of chem fix then the stud slowly pushes it out the side like a tea bag. And thankfully has held enough to hold the sub up. Our big exciting thing today was trying to tale into the house transformer check the picture out, comedy, comedy. We've also rigged our main truss, so that's pretty much all speakers up in the auditorium aside from the main prosc M'elody. So we are moving on well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 3

The Surround and Delays quest goes on, our local team have had a lot of fun trying to get fixings through accousticly treated walls, big cavitys and all that kind of fun. I've had the pleasure of trying to get the Mayer UMS delay subs on the wall, not to bad you think but seen as the bulding is made out of what are basically air bricks stacked up with the holes running up and down. Meaning you are basically drilling from cavity to cavity. Not entirely sure what the aproved method should be but I've managed to get three of the six to stick with fisher chem fix. Unfortunatly it's best part of a tube per sub and fustratingly the last one to go up two of the fixing didn't bite so that's where the fun starts today.

Deano - the only thing we forgot so far were M10 joining bolts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 2

Today I'm afraid there is nothing much to report nor is there any intresting pictures. My achievements for the day have consisted of finishing off the plugging up of Front of house, patching up the racks, not really amp racks as there is so many active speakers I've also busied my self with numourous other menial tasks. Our local team of Spaniards have been Buenos and have made really good head way into the delays and surround. At the moment we're looking like we may pull it out of the bag :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Night Fever, Madrid - Day 1

Well, it was with trepidation that we all arrived in good time for our Ryian Air Flight out of Stanstead on Sunday. We were anticipating a chocka flight and not being treated overly well. But thanks to Autograph sorting out our Priority Boarding we were 2nd on the plane, and yes it was cramped and yes there is the endless sales pitch but hey you know what you are signing up to. On arrival in Madrid we jumped into a Taxi to bring us in to town, now I think this chap must have thought himself a bit of a rally driver as did the entire journey at 130kph+ He found Will's hotel opposite the gig no problem but it took a few trips up and down and round back streets before we thought the bloke stood on the street with an envelope was something to do with us. All very shadey, but int was us and it appears I have the best apartment even got tinternet. Even if the bed was made up with the duvet the wrong way round so I awoke in the early hours wrestling with the opening.

So Achievements for day one are we arrived to find all our cases correctly in the building, we've tipped all front of house and the racks are cabled. We've got all the amp racks into the substage and they are cabled. The multi's between radio world, amps and FoH are in so hopefully a little bit of plugging this morning and we should have the front end up and running.

Aside from distributing loud speakers around the room the only thing we have rigged to date is the comedy advance bar, while I do admire the ladder bar on a single point, maybe it's the UK health and safety bothers that have got to me, but I wonder who did sign off on this.

What do you think to my rope light?

Now off in search of breakfast.

Friday, January 16, 2009

So what do you think we have forgotton?

We've closed all the boxes and loaded it all onto a Mathiews trailer, it wasn't a tight pack. So what do you think we have forgotten? PJ and I went through everything and we recon we've got all that's on the speck and the diagrams. But there is bound to be something, I'll let you know.