Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fireworks Pt2 to Christmas Partys

Well that just goes to show quite how busy the latter half of November and December have been, it's not that I've being doing nothing at home.

Fireworks Pt2

My second Fireworks outing was again with Coastal Audio at Clivedon House Hotel near Maidenhead, Thankfully the weather was much better and we were not allowed to drive on the grass. This was a private display for a small group of people about 30, we had the same EV X Array and Funktion One sub system we used in Norwich in the summer and with no Noise Police for miles we were able to wind it all the way up. The music started and the first shell went off and we hit 6 car alarms with in the first minute. Brilliant! Only trouble was the wind was blowing on to the hotel so Shell Shock stopped the show and walked the audience round to the other end of the drive, Tim and my self spun the X Array round and turned everything up a few more clicks and we were off again. The display was awesome, I dread to think how much money was spent.

Waitrose Exhibition Trailers

Just when you thought it was safe, Fozzie and I found our selves crawling round another exhibition stand this time it was in a 40 foot trailer with all the sides folded out. We were fitting plasma screens and small pa systems in to the new additions to the Waitrose Events Arsenal.

Delta, European Events Marquee Christmas Party's

A couple of days prep over at Delta then the winter marquee fun started, it was cold and a little damp but thankfully not overly long days. What with it getting dark at about 4 and the lights not being wired up. You can only fumble around for so long with your head torch before it all becomes just a bit too much. I'm afraid to say the events that I have done have been very 'corporate' but I guess what do you expect. The most exciting thing has been the poor power provision, nothing like both generators failing an hour before doors to get people excited.

Puss in Boots at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Not quite at the 11th hour but certainly not with much time to spare, Mr Speight and my self got involved as the sound design team for Bury's Panto. It was great to be back in a Suffolk theatre again, unfortunately all I was able to do was help Tim with the quick fitup then leave him to it as I was off to other things. But all reports of our work have been complimentary and hopefully we will be back again.

Machester's Peter Pan Panto at the Opera House

So after a short break at home to remind me who my wife and doughtier were and fit a dishwasher I was off on my way to Manchester, for my first big commercial panto experience. I was working for Orbital my truck turned up at 2pm I had been in the building expecting it from 9am, not really ideal shall we say baring in mind that was a quarter of my fitup time. But the best of it was the crew had to finish flying out the portals before I was allowed to bring any boxes into the building this cost me another two and half hours. Hilarious! Though it was great to catch up with Ben Payne the Lighting Designer who I had not seen since I was at the Wolsey. It was quite a busy week and I feel in order to protect those involved I shouldn't say too much more. But to say there was a fair amount more sweat and stress than originally billed.

Ahh Miss Poppins

It was almost refreshing to find myself on a train to Edinburgh having agreed to do the Edinburgh out and the Manchester in, at least I had fabricated my self a night off in Edinburgh first. I caught up with Mr Bryson and some other friends from the show I think Edinburgh must be my favourite city in the UK. It is worrying how quickly and easy it is to forget just how much kit is on Poppins, I guess it's not surprising that's the biggest touring piece of theatre in the UK at the moment. So I think we completed the get out in record time we we're ready to load about 6am. Even though it was only LX and Sound going out over Saturday night we still managed to get stitched as the LX ladder truck took much longer than anticipated and that ontop of starting late. So it was 9.15 when the shutters opened on the truck lift to expose our trailer. Mr Andy Meadows was on the trailer and I was firring stuff at him and if there is one thing we learnt how to do together during our time on Miss Saigon and that was how to load Autograph boxes on a Mathiews trailer, twenty minutes we were loaded and that's floor to ceiling best part of the way back. I was quite pleased with my self.

So throwing it all in to Manchester seemed to go really well, I did spend most of my time in my harness on the prosc or focusing safety cameras. Ahh the life of a world class sound engineer.

Last Gig till New Year

So I am sat here in my last gig of the year a Christmas Party at Corums Field for Delta and European Events, and it has been a great year, I've managed to step from big gig to big gig and keep my self nice and busy, which in this present climate is only a good thing as far as I can see. I have had the please of working with many good friends and I have met some new additions along the way. Next year is already looking good, what with Saturday Night Fever in Spain kicking it off the Evita Tour and then The War of the Worlds all before the summer.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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