Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fireworks pt1 Norwich Sparks in the Park

Now I was really excitited about doing the Norwich City Council Sparks in Earlham Park. Rob at Synergy had recently aquired 16 elements of Mayer Mica Middle scale line array, I had 12 elements and 6 funktion one subs, it was going to be awesome! That said having to get the lorry towed onto site was a sure sign of things to come. With the aid of our telli handler we managed to get the mica up in the air in no time at all. We managed to get it all up and running just before the drzzle started, the weather basically went down hill from there on in. Drizzle turned to rain, rain turned to a full on down pore. I did feel for the fireworks boys, I was ok in my lorry but they were out in the grass with a pourus pop up tent. By the time we finished the first display I was in full gortex head to toe, I wasn't going to get wet and cold. A nice festie burger later and it was time for the big show. Now I do think organised displays are the way forward, the stuff they shot in the air was just fantastic. Very very cool. So gig over and the fun started on trying to manovour the telli handler to the back of the lorry we nearly got it stuck in the mud and it was sliding all over the place. Hmm so what do you do.... A quick rethink and we set off to land the Mica in the car park onto it's dollys and then come back and try and drag the lorry out. Oh then come back and drag the van out. It just turned into a nightmare. So the gig was down by 9:30pm and it was 2am that we eventually managed to leave the sight, considerably muddier and disheartend than we started. But hey I guess that's what you get for trying to do a gig in a field in november. One thing for sure is next year we'll get the agricultural tires on our telli not the grass ones.


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