Friday, October 03, 2008

Mary Poppins, Edinburgh Playhouse - What a Squeeze

We always knew it was going to be tight, The Mary Poppins Tour is a big production and Edinburgh Playhouse is the smallest Venue the tour goes to. We didn't get off to the best start when the sound truck turned up at 8pm having being expected at 1pm, we knew it was unlikley to be on time but a 7 hour delay is taking the mick really. So having waited arround all day on Sunday all we really achieved was to tip our truck. We were good value for money that day! But it wasn't just us the sound department that was behind now the whole fitup was a good seven to eight hours behind time and that's a fair proportion of time. Although we were some what removed from the carnage on stage as all the amps are substage and we ran alot of the infrastructure in before the large set pieces arrived. It was still a bun fight trying to achieve anything on stage. We ended up doing a late evening on Tuesday to get the up and down stage ladders in and up as it meant we didn't hold the set boys up too much. So after a fairly full on couple of days and me spending a lot of time in my harnes mainly focusing cameras the show went up, after a clean dress and first preview I think is a really good achievement. I think it does show the skill of all those involved in what is at pressent the biggest touring theatre show in the UK. Thanks team, till Manchester.


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