Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HSBC @ Leivester Square and NBA with Adidas Basketball Court at Lartkhall Park

What with all the theatre work going quite quiet of late I have been busying my self with work in the corporate sector. In the past week or so I was involved with the HSBC event at Leicester Square's Odeon, it was the Chairman's World Road Show. I got to look after all the Motorola radios being used by the event managers and the Gallowglass crew that were in smart trousers and ties. Now that was a first for me as normally I used to seeing these chaps in their shorts and steelies.

Later that week I was involved with the opening of a outdoor basket ball court at Lartkhall Park near Stockwell. The court had been paid for by the NBA and Adidas, now that was quite good of them I thought. Apparently they provide quite a number of courts around the world, an investment in the sport. This time round I was mixing my lectern kit and a hand full of hand held radios. Another nice little gig thanks to Delta Sound. Luckily the wind and the rain held of and it all turned out well.


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