Sunday, September 28, 2008

Health and Safety turned all the way up to 11 for Shell

I know we now live in a litigation culture where large, and for that matter increasingly the smaller, companies are writing health and safety policies to ensure they are not left liable for some one who does not have any common sense. Now I have come to find these policies quite amusing and providing there is enough time and people provided to follow these approved practices its fine by me.

So this week I was called to do a little job for Metro at the Shell Centre, Waterloo. Originally it was supposed to be a 7am call. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your take of things as I had not yet watched the approved Shell Sub Contractor Health and Safety video my call was changed to 10am at Metro to watch the above video. Couldn't have been that urgent at 7 then hey?

Now isn't it a bit wrong to be preaching health and safety over a video of people not following the practices being talked about. Maybe that's just me. Any how on arrival at shell in my steel boots, hi vis and gloves I walked down the stairs ensuring to hold on to the hand rail. Pushing the boxes into the building with spotters, think of them as traffic police for flight cases, positioned up and down the corridors to stop any un-suspecting passer by of being crushed to death by a flight case. In the sports hall we donned our hard hats to put our Q7's on the speaker stands and lacing the multicore over the door ways. I think the only thing that didn't happen was panel the walls and floor with soft rubberised shag pile just in case you bump our self. All highly amusing, and all for a 45 minute presentation. But we weren't under time pressure, and there was enough people around to make it happen. Health and Safety is your friend. Know your emergency procedure and turn the lights off when you leave! DON'T PANIC!


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