Monday, August 25, 2008

Grand Opening of the Norwich Big Screen and Olympic Handover

Imagine my joy to read on the BBC weather page that after a damp start Sunday should be dry from 10 and improve all day. So just how disappointed do you think I was having driven through bit of drizzle and arrived at the Chapel Fields centre to be welcomed by pouring rain. What a great start! So it through it down while Ollie and my self unloaded the van, but thankfully by 11 it all started to dry out and warm up. The BBC Norfolk presenters did well to keep the audience informed of the activities of the day, Sing the Nation sung and the afternoon entertainers were interesting.
Though I think a special round of applause should go to my Elgato TV tuner which was the only way I was able to receive the accompanying audio for the picture on the Big Screen. You do have to ask your self or more to the point to the people who install these things, does it really cost so much to have local connections to the content? All in all another fun day in mainly sun in Norwich with the Events Team.


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