Sunday, July 06, 2008

Norwich Lords Mayors Day Musical Festival CFG

Some pictures from this years' Lord Mayor's Day Music Festival in Chapel Field Gardens Norwich. It was a Coastal Audio gig for Norwich City Council. The PA came from Synergy Audio. We had a Yamaha M7CL out front, Yamaha LS932 on stage 48 ways of passive split, TurboSound TQ315 Wedges, EV X-Array 1152i and Funktion 1 218 Main System. I think the EV system worked better in this application than the Proel Line array we used last summer, though it didn't seem to through quite as afar up the Gardens, but that's not so much a bad thing.

It turned out to be a really good weekend, with a good mix of bands, a real good showcase for what is emerging and a top evenings entertainment.


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