Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who says the national rail network is in disorder?

So I’m on the train from Manchester with changes in Peterborough and Bury St Edmunds ending up at home in Elmswell. It’s a fairly unpleasant cross country journey, all be it quite picturesque through the Peak District. So all was average until the train from Peterbourgh was late arriving so late departing and before you know it it’s running twenty minutes behind time, this was all making my Bury St Edmunds change looking tighter and tighter, and then just before arriving in Bury we were held while the train i wanted to catch passed in front. Hmmm now it looks like I need to make my way back from Bury on my own, not the end of the world a fairly easy taxi ride. But Bury St Edmunds is no metropolitan centre and the the only thing that is 24 hours is Tesco’s. So what to do.. It’s the train operator who I believe are now National Express East Anglia whose problem it is surely? So off I go to speak to the nice pleasant conductor and explain the problem. One phone call later to his fat controller and we’re now making a special stop in Elmswell just for me! How cool is that, I Brew the soundie have the power to stop trains!


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