Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sinatra Poole to Manchester

It took 15 weeks and it toured the whole country but I eventually caught up with it in Poole.
You may be aware that I have come quite close to getting involved in the Sinatra tour on a number of occasions from a number of different angles, some may even say I have become too involved when it wasn’t my gig. But it was some form of destiny or fait that I would properly get my fingers on the gig before it finished. So ok it was only the penultimate move before the tour ended and I was down to other people not being available. Though never mind it was Pool Lighthouse Centre, yes Poole does have a light house not only that it is big enough to house a concert hall capable of receiving the National Sinatra Tour. Not that you would think so when you get off the train. After a nice short out and a fairly pleasant tour bus experience to Manchester a leisurely start on Monday had us ready for the Tuesday afternoon sound check, an me on a train home.


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