Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kew Gardens, Temperet House - For Barclays

I think it was a first for me, a gig in a green house, that is and not just any green house but the biggest glass house in the world. A bit of a odd day with a pre-rig at 6am cleared away by 9:30am for the doors to open for the public at 10. Then we were back in at 5 to sound check at 6, Quite a nice gig I do quite like these types of corporate event. Sort and sharp. We had the singing waiters as after dinner entertainment, they were good, they planted some of their number in the audience as guests and as the waiters. So when they began to sing they really were the waiters that had been serving you all evening. All in all anouther pleasureable gig with Delta and White Light Events.


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