Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fozzie and Brew in the Gaitor

Waitrose Spring Food Festival at Leckford

Festival Day 2 and the sun is shinning, well as you can see we started with an empty field and now it's got lots of tents full of wonderfull food and drink. There are loads of people here.

Fozzie and I have been here for a week now and we've been pulling in cable, parking generators, running out water, oh and putting up speakers, lights and cameras. As we're now up and running I'm looking after the demonstrations in the main tent and Foz is off trying to get a skip lorry out of a tree as he had a bit of moment this morning.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mary Poppins - Plymouth Theatre Royal Fitup Week 2

The pace has slowed right down now here in Plymouth we’re now half way into week two and we’re on to dry teching. Last week was a fairly full on as this is quite a big show and there was quite a fair amount to achieve. For a start we have a AB vocal system which means anywhere there would normally be one speaker there are two. Oh and it is a separate band system, which means there is also a band speaker so on the prosc there are three Meyer MSL2’s for the band and six Meyer UPA-1P’s per side. The double UPA pair and their rigging weigh in at 90Kgs it’s a real four man operation to get it all up there. I’m quite glad to be the one up the truss on the receiving end.
The front of house desk setup is fairly substantial I think at the last count there were ten LCD’s and that’s not including the five built into the consoles. But there is an awful lot of clever things out there. The amp racks are fairly compact but there are a lot of active speakers we’re also using the XTA 428’s, which are a bit more space effect than the 226.
As I said we’re now into dry techs which means we are spending mornings and meal breaks ticking off the small jobs list, which mainly involves repositioning and focusing cameras that have been hit by automation or other pieces of set. Most of the talk though is about how exactly it’s all going to fit into Edinburgh Playhouse.

Friday, May 02, 2008

That Face at the Duke of York's Theatre FIrst Preview

The First Preview went extremely well, after a fairly busy day and only one dress rehearsal the cast took to the stage to in what was a really great performance. Everything went ok no problems. We had a audible glitch from the SFX machine but we believe that to be a clocking error and has now been rectified. I must say that I am very impressed with the kit we have had from CueOne and Stage Sound Services. I have really enjoyed using the DME all be it with it’s imperfect interface. As a system it worked really well. I went this morning to check through some sound effects and put tape over the air holes in the E3’s as their bolts were missing and the movement of air was very pronounced. But That Face a great little play I recommend you go and see it. But for now I’m glad to be on the train home with the aid of my 3G mobile broadband.