Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That Face at the Duke of York's Theatre

Day two of tech and one more day to go before preview and I'm not convinced we'll get a Dress Rehearsal in. The Duke of York's is quite a nice little theatre, the substage is fairly spacious and clean, that's where we've got all the amps and the SFX PC. The Prosc system consists of UPA's E3's and E18's, On stage we've got E9's and some little FX stuff. We're running the SFX into a DME24N and it all seems to be working really well. It's my first time with SFX and DME and I'm quite impressed.
SFX seems to have it's limitations but what sound effects system doesn't. The DME sounds quite good and is quite flexible. The interface isn't really designed to be operated from a tablet or laptop. Yes you could build control pages but that takes a long time. Meybe they could allow the user to switch in to "keyboard and mouse control" and "I'm using a stilus so can you please look like a Dolby Lake?"
It's is also my first job as Head Production Sound Engineer, ok so it's not the biggest job and I am now a Production team of one, but there was a maximum of three at one point. Anyway it's going really well I'm really enjoying it. Em Laxton the sound designer is great and we've got a good thing going on this.


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