Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War of the Worlds - Glasgow SECC

Day three on the uk tour and we're half way through the Artillery Man, today has been our first back to back show, having left Aberdeen on the tour buss last night at something like 3am we the sound team we're up not long after 8 for breakfast. By 9 we were tipping the PA then Backline trucks. Although my responisbility is for keyboards and playback I help the dedicated sound team rig the PA as the set and LX boys are still busy on stage. Though I must have damaged my toe kicking a case into place last night as it has been hurting some what.

The Photo's I've got for you show Chris Marsh head of sound looking cool in Belfast, Belfast Odersy, the compact Aberdeen and Glasgow. I've get any of Ricnot managed to any of Richard and his new SD7 but the novelty is starting to ebb slightly.

I'm looking forward to our day off tomorrow in Birmingham I'm going to catch up with Fe, Hannah and my mum and dad.

Hopefully Alex and I can make a better job of packing the truck tonight as it was a bit of a squeeze towards the back.


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