Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Singapore

End of full day one in on the Chity Chity Bang Bang "It's not a Holiday" trip to Singapore. After a quick shower on arrival PJ and I met up for our customary Singapore Sling at Raffles. After which we we're joined by Tim who insisted we went on a long old walk in search of beer. After a brief encounter with what felt like the Bangkok scene from Miss Saigon we came a cross a little cafe down a back street which was much more pleasant. Tim and PJ content at least for a while I suggested we head off to little India to find a curry. What hoot that turned out to be. The Indian quarter is all decked out for Diwali and was just immense. We came across a tiny little restaurant that was really busy and had Biryani's which were served off a banana leaf and with out any cutlery. Truly Scrumptious.

Today after a trip round the Museum of Singapore Life we headed off to wards the small island of Pulau Ubin which took a MTR train, a buss and a Bum-Boat ride to reach. Here we rented some bikes and took a trip round the wetland park. Where I think we saw more aeroplanes and litter than wildlife. But it was high tide so allot of it was too far under water. But the scenery was amazing and smell and fell of the place was just top. Good Call Tim. We returned and ate dinner disappointingly in the tourist part of town, I don't think we will be doing that again. Any how, better get some sleep as I think we might have to do some work tomorrow.

Check out the pictures so far.


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