Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When Rehersal Production Sound Engineers go a Wandering

So we're now in to Rehearsals with the cast on stage here at the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So as we are good efficient Sound Engineers we are able to wander round the building checking out the cool things it has like all the powered flying and stage lifts and really high stages. Check out the pictures from the link

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Singapore on a Sunday

It would be easy to believe that this trip to Singapore is a bit of a jolly holiday, the hard work and professional job it has been. But here are some pictures and a short description of what we got up to on our day that we were not required to be in the theatre.
The day started quite early for me, I decided to head off to the Botanical Gardens and the Orchid Gardens. My intension s of a pre 8am departure was enough to put the rest of the team off. So I got to wander round the gardens and take it all in on my own aside from the couple of hundred people practicing there tai chi. It does look very peaceful and the group practicing with the umbrellas look like they could cause some real damage if they were not concentrating. The gardens are really pretty there is a really diverse range of plants there is such a vast range of aromas and colours.
Following my guidebook I decided to take in the Orchid Garden, now I don’t know anything really about plants but these ones were really nice too, and it was interesting to read how about the different growing characteristics.
So that was enough sight seeing for one day and the time was fast approaching 11:30 witch was the more respectable time I was supposed to be meeting the team before we headed off to Sentosa. We’d decided we’d catch the cable car across to the island. However in my best brummy accent I think I didn’t articulate which end of the cable car our taxi driver took us. So after arriving at the mid way point and having to explain we wanted to be at the top of the hill not the bottom, the day didn’t appear to be off to the best start. Any way after getting to the top of the hill and boarding our cable car it was a really good vantage point to see the container port and harbour as we swung our way from the Mount Faber to Sentosa, the cable car runs for over a mile don’t you know. On arrival at the island we were faced with a number of transport options in order to reach the beaches on the far side. We rejected the bus or walking options and took the Luge. I’m only disappointed it was so quick I couldn’t take any pictures. We were now on the hunt for the advertised water slides, having walked from the middle to one edge and not discovered any we decided it was time for some lunch and liquid refreshment. It turns out that the water slides were removed years ago it’s just the bits of marketing advertising them still exist. So all we could do is lie on the beach or swim in the sea. Now you certainly can’t do that and live in Sunderland can you?
Having watched the thunderstorm from the beach we headed back to our hotel for showers before heading out to Little India for tea. Now if you come to Singapore the one thing I recommend you do is go and walk around this amazing part of the city. We found a little restaurant serving Indian food, now this stuff is just great so tasty. It being Sunday there was also a lot of people in this area making the most of their day off. Check out the picture of the square we happened across and discovered full of people.
So we’re back at work now, putting the finishing touches to things before the fun and frolics that will ensue when the cast arrive on stage.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 3 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Singapore Esplanade Theatre by the Bay

Today mainly consisted of pulling in more cable, putting the Digico Front of house desk together and ended up with me making some video cables up. There are a few more pictures on my gallery and included here is Tim checking the comms out at the Lx production desk. The sparks are the Chitty arm being modified to fit.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 2 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Singapore Esplanade Theatre by the Bay

Not really that exciting happened today, we just carried on with the fit-up which meant me running cables round the place PJ labelling things and Mike and Tim playing with the delays. All was well until at nearly leaving time PJ decided it would be a good plan to pull in the Front of house multicore and optical fibres. Now for such a new venue with that is so well equipped the fact that there is simply no established cable route from stage to the rear of the stalls is disappointing. So the cable route was akin to a dusty old West End Theatre. Ah well that's the highlights for today I've put a few more pictures up this one is of the lifts for the stage. It's all really cool.

Monday, October 22, 2007

So after day 1 we have sucseffully tipped our container which had all of our equipment in as it had left Southampton if a little heat and salt exposed. All was there and dry. I imagine the silicone gel bags were damp from the condensation more than salt water exposure. But as I say all was present and correct. Today mainly consisted of setting the amps out, working out how we would configure the cable runs for the speaker placements and working out if and how the front of house position would be big enough for the desk and all it's bits. Check out the pictures for more of an insight.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Singapore

End of full day one in on the Chity Chity Bang Bang "It's not a Holiday" trip to Singapore. After a quick shower on arrival PJ and I met up for our customary Singapore Sling at Raffles. After which we we're joined by Tim who insisted we went on a long old walk in search of beer. After a brief encounter with what felt like the Bangkok scene from Miss Saigon we came a cross a little cafe down a back street which was much more pleasant. Tim and PJ content at least for a while I suggested we head off to little India to find a curry. What hoot that turned out to be. The Indian quarter is all decked out for Diwali and was just immense. We came across a tiny little restaurant that was really busy and had Biryani's which were served off a banana leaf and with out any cutlery. Truly Scrumptious.

Today after a trip round the Museum of Singapore Life we headed off to wards the small island of Pulau Ubin which took a MTR train, a buss and a Bum-Boat ride to reach. Here we rented some bikes and took a trip round the wetland park. Where I think we saw more aeroplanes and litter than wildlife. But it was high tide so allot of it was too far under water. But the scenery was amazing and smell and fell of the place was just top. Good Call Tim. We returned and ate dinner disappointingly in the tourist part of town, I don't think we will be doing that again. Any how, better get some sleep as I think we might have to do some work tomorrow.

Check out the pictures so far.

Brew does Satellites

So there I was in Southampton Odeon Studio 9 on a HSBC conference with delta and I got to go and listen to tone and send it how cool am I?