Sunday, July 01, 2007

Now there was me thinking iit wouldn't be too bad

So we've had a bit of rain over the past week or so, but I really wasn't expecting the National Agricultural Showground at Stonleigh to be quite as bad as it has been. The grass is getting on for bog, I'm here with Waitrose and we have our normal marquee, so cableing that up with a little bit of mud and rain wasn't too bad. Though when the 40' Events Education trailer turned up it really did look like it was going to be fun and games to get it all on sight. After much discussions and measuring it took about 15 blokes 3 pallets of 8'x4' matting to get the unit onto the grass/bog.
The picture is of Gary Grace the Special Project Coordinator trying to fix a minor plumbing problem with Egg the cow. So all is good dispite the mini tornado here Camp Waitrose.


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