Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last day of Royal Show Cancelled and Genesis Turn it on Again at Old Trafford

It doesn't look too muddy does it. Well unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the car park for the previous two days you were been flagged down on arrival and told that there was the facility to be towed off so not to worry about getting stuck. It was a big quagmire the show ground wasn't too bad as there are hard roads and wood chip and straw had been put down where people were walking across grass. Though it didn't half rain, the education trailer sank about 100mm in the grass hense it was quite an involved process in Martin getting the tractor unit back underneath. Thanks to the Stonleigh team for helping us out.

Genesis at Old Trafford was superb thanks to my mate John Gaskell who sorted the tickets out, we were sat in the 8th Row hey played a blinder some of the stuff I was a little too young to appreciate but the sound, set, lights, and pyro's were brilliant. It didn't mean allot to me but John was quite made up about being on the pitch, it's just a bit of grass is it not? My only gripe is at a Barenaked Ladies gig you can walk away with the bootleg on a flash drive or down load it when you get home, so how come it takes three weeks for Genesis to send out a CD?

Off to Guildford now for a summer ball with Delta.


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