Friday, July 27, 2007

It wasn’t a pretty sight when we eventually arrived on site, there was a lot of mud and the eon tent down the way looked like it was just floating. Thankfully not a lot of our installation goes on out side the tent and it was only light showers so Andy and I managed to crack out all the kit in good time. Emeli was still stuck in Worcester and had resided her self that she wasn’t going to make it across on that Saturday. Needless to say everything was ready for the show, though it turned out to be a really wet week, there was just mud everywhere. Thankfully we our accommodation was in the same lovely cottages we stayed in last year. Though I had a stoke of creativity one evening and decided I had a better idea for the journey home. Though with out the aid of the map I did much making it up. Kirsty and Emeli didn’t really enjoy the experience, but at least it took their minds of the much Fozzie had manage to spray all up the side of the car :-). The rest of the week managed to pass with out major incident. Though when the DeWallt boys next door were packing up they made a right old mess of the ground so it took three tractors chained nose to tail in order to pull their big lorry off. Leaving me two nice wide ruts for me to try and get across in my transit van. Luckily there was three tractors hanging around in order to pull me out.

So what’s my abiding memory of this years agricultural shows, Wet Wet and WET with Mud, deep Mud and Wet MUD. But hey they are a good bunch to work with the Waitrose team, lots of fun, and it sure beats pulling cables through dusty voids in the West End.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Journey to The Royal Welsh Show

21st July So Andy and I left sleepy Suffolk early on Saturday morning it was raining a fair bit still. I’d checked the traffic reports on line and it looked like our journey across to Builth Wells was going to be slower than normal but still ok. It wasn’t until we were past Cambridge that I heard the travel report on the radio saying that the M5 was closed and Worcestershire, Herefordshire and that corner of the Midlands was a no go zone. I phoned Emeli the Waitrose Event manager who lived in Worcester to see how she was doing. “Worcester is a island, we’re flooded in” she said. Now Andy was following me in the Ford Ranger 4x4 but me in my transit van didn’t fancy my chances of making it through the floods. So a quick stop with Andy, oh how I wish for national Wi-fi coverage. Sat in the lay-by trying to get uptodate travel reports through your mobile is frankly quite dull. But any road much punching in of information into TomTom and looking at the road atlas we were off again, but heading via Shrewsbury. Not the most direct route I know but it only cost us an hour so I don’t think it was too bad. And to the residents of Clun who live by the bridge I’m sorry if us driving through the pictured flood caused any damage. And to the pedestrians who I ferried to through the previous flood your welcome.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Norwich Chapelfield Gardens Music Festival

Thursday I was with Lee Denison for Delta rigging the tent for Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey's annual charity fund raising summer ball. In amongst the the flight cases were lots of brand new mini's due to be auctioned off as part of the evening

Thought he big gig this weekend was Norwich Chapelfield Gardens Music Festival with Coastal audio and equipment from Synergy. I was out front behind a Yamaha M7CL, again we had the Proel Axiom Line array with extra 21" subs. Toby was onstage with a Yamaha LS9-32 and 8 ways of Turbo Sound TQ wedges. The weekend went really well, the quality of the new music was great a real mix of stuff, it was a great opportunity for new bands as well as old established acts. My favourite was Social Group. You have to see the funny side of it being a dry weekend aside from Cut a Shine a line dancing band something that doesn't really work with audience cowering under the trees. All good fun though.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last day of Royal Show Cancelled and Genesis Turn it on Again at Old Trafford

It doesn't look too muddy does it. Well unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the car park for the previous two days you were been flagged down on arrival and told that there was the facility to be towed off so not to worry about getting stuck. It was a big quagmire the show ground wasn't too bad as there are hard roads and wood chip and straw had been put down where people were walking across grass. Though it didn't half rain, the education trailer sank about 100mm in the grass hense it was quite an involved process in Martin getting the tractor unit back underneath. Thanks to the Stonleigh team for helping us out.

Genesis at Old Trafford was superb thanks to my mate John Gaskell who sorted the tickets out, we were sat in the 8th Row hey played a blinder some of the stuff I was a little too young to appreciate but the sound, set, lights, and pyro's were brilliant. It didn't mean allot to me but John was quite made up about being on the pitch, it's just a bit of grass is it not? My only gripe is at a Barenaked Ladies gig you can walk away with the bootleg on a flash drive or down load it when you get home, so how come it takes three weeks for Genesis to send out a CD?

Off to Guildford now for a summer ball with Delta.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Diana Concert

So I've not seen all of it, but top gig!

Now there was me thinking iit wouldn't be too bad

So we've had a bit of rain over the past week or so, but I really wasn't expecting the National Agricultural Showground at Stonleigh to be quite as bad as it has been. The grass is getting on for bog, I'm here with Waitrose and we have our normal marquee, so cableing that up with a little bit of mud and rain wasn't too bad. Though when the 40' Events Education trailer turned up it really did look like it was going to be fun and games to get it all on sight. After much discussions and measuring it took about 15 blokes 3 pallets of 8'x4' matting to get the unit onto the grass/bog.
The picture is of Gary Grace the Special Project Coordinator trying to fix a minor plumbing problem with Egg the cow. So all is good dispite the mini tornado here Camp Waitrose.