Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update - What I've been upto while off line

Yes I am now finally back on line. Though Blogger has beaten me and I have had to upload all of these pictures rather than just the cool little flash movie I made. Ah Well
So since my last post in March I have been busy in our new house tiling the bathroom and getting our new drive done. Whilst moving and working on the bathroom I have also been involved with Drowsy Chaperone, I did a lot of the prep work and spent about four weeks down at the Novelo putting it all together. It seems like quite a nice little show.
At the end of April I was looking after front of house for the Guineas Ball at Newmarket Race Course with Gofer. Quite a nice little gig (Black tent picture) We had two bands and a mock SAS team storming the tent, all in the theme of James Bond.
It wasn’t the Cow racing festival but Waitrose’s Leckford Festival at the end of May that I took that picture of Fozzie. A May bank holiday weekend that started so dry and sunny, but ended so wet and muddy. Fozzie and I were doing the things we do for Waitrose, plumbing, emptying bins, pumping diesel. Oh and looking after the power and AV presentations for the demos (white tent picture). In a couple of weeks we’ll be up in Edinburgh at the Royal Highland Show doing it all again.
At the moment though I am sat in Fe’s parent’s place near Gueret in France catching up on things. I’ve also been doing a spot of good old fashioned hard labour, Buddy and I dug that big pile of dead roots out of the vineyard Mike and Alice have become involved with. What you can’t tell from that picture is the big crack in the Hoe Buddy achieved all the fact that it lashed it down with rain all morning.
It’s a bit disjointed but I think we should all be up to date now. Standby for a more frequently updated summer.


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