Monday, June 18, 2007

Living the First Class Dream - GNER

Now you do have to think the nearly broadband on a moving train is a clever thing. If you don't know how it works it's clever and if you do it's really quick and clever.

So I am sitting here on the train to Edinburgh to the Royal Highland Show for Waitrose and I'm checking out the myspace pages for the bands playing at this years Norwich Lord Meyors Celebrations at Chapel Field Gardens. No that's not a bad way to spend a 4 hour journey is it?

Last week I did the first week of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang move from Bristol to Southampton, we were walking back to the hotel at 7ish which I think was quite a result as we were expecting that to be one of the worst outs to date. All went well going into Southampton PJ and Steve put unique ID numbers on all the boxes for the Carnet. So now it's just a case of waiting to see if it all works when we ship it off. Now you have to see the funny side that Southampton is the first venue we have visited that has a dock at trailer height. So the lorrys can back straight up and open the doors and load straigt off with out needing ramps. And this is the venue which we will load out on to containers. I've never loaded a container but I imagine they ain't going to be as straigt forward as loading onto a 40' trailer.

Sunday and this morning saw me with my Gofer shirt on at the Hellenic Centre Marlybone, a nice little gallery type space launching the new layour for their re-vamped store on Marlybone high street store. As with all the things I see by Waitrose I was impressed, their whole ethos and aproach i just think is very good.

Don't think the bandwidth is too good for blogging, myspaceing and email. so one is going to have is going to have to go now.


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