Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back on the Waitrose Fun Bus

Yep all that good eating has started again as we complete the the Royal Highland Show the first of this years agricultural shows. I don't remember it being quite as wet as this last year. I don't think we has a complete dry day. Though it was never raining on the inside. The presentation is revised from last year and we are only doing 4 demos per day rather than the epic 11. Which feels a lot better as i don't remember stopping last year.
Disappointingly we still had the same power troubles, though thankfully due to Fozzie and myself prep work they were not of our doing. The first night we lost power do to Lidl next door, their power installation is not overly water proof and seen as it was as damp and foggy as it gets the RCD on the common generator decided enough was enough. So that was quite dull but nothing a little modification with a terminal screwdriver wouldn't fix. Though the secon night the power went off at 10pm and unfortunately there was some confusion and the right electrician never got called. I arrived on sight at 6am to find the 125a 3phase and 63a phase lying in the grass. Now I wouldn't expect the over night security to know what to do with these but it was a bit obvious. Anyway some herrice fencing arrived for the final night and suppose surprise all is now good.

So we shall see what happens this weekend in Coventry.

It's great to be back with the team, Emeli the newbe is running with the gig and it's all coming together. Caroline well what can i say it started off with her being cold then it was a bet to see how long she would keep it on for. Needless to say it did cause quite a stir in the hotel bar.


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