Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Week in Brew's Life, Chiago, d&b J-series prep Barcelona and the Science Museum pt2

On Sunday morning I was on my way down to Dobsons, some where I'd not been before, to help Chubby & Wills finish of prepping the kit for Barcelona, 2 Digico D1's one D5 and a Heratage 1000 loads of d&b Q and J series the whole gig is decidedly bigger than last year and the kit list has gone up a notch. The plans for the Summit and Awards look really special. Hopefully I should get some good pictures. Well after loading the truck the sun was out and so Chubbs in his Missus hair dressers car decided to take the top of and enjoy it.

Wednesday night was another little quick gig at the Science Museum with White Light, a nice easy gig so easy it was me back in the mixing position which was quite nice. It was nice and relaxed so much so we had a mini e-Pong championship Ali won with 180 something.


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