Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scrooge the last leg

So Scrooge opened for the final week of the tour last night in Edinburgh, at the Festival Theatre, with no major dramas. Which is what you would expect after it's fifth move. Some minor desk issues but I think that is part of the deal with any digital desk. It was the first time I had been to the Festival Theatre and I was impressed it's quite a nice venue, spacious on stage and easy to work in. And a trip to Edinburgh wouldn't bee complete with out 4 pints in a really good pub we ended up in the Royal Oak just of the south bridge and it was great there was a bloke playing guitar in there both nights a superb little folk place. Highly recommend it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Barrymore as Scrooge the end is near

This weekend saw me on the team taking scrooge out of the Sunderland Empire. The equipment on the show should have made it come out really quickly if they had a Pit Lift, as it was it took us until 4ish. Can't complain though as it took more time to drive to and from Sunderland than the out. This week Scrooge should be in Oxford but due to poor ticket sales that had been pulled. So we pick the batton up in Liverpool Empire next Sunday.

Work to a-Void The Producers Out of Drury Lane

So who says being a sound engineer is a glamorous job? I mean the get out is probably the least ingesting, but hey it's got to be done you don't have to bust your guts and you get to play with your mates. But taking down speakers with a good thick layer of dust on them and crawling round in void spaces with a good many number of years grime and dust pulling out all that copper cable, it really is living the sound engineer's dream. But it was a credit to the guys who put it in it all came out nice and easily. A pleasure boys as always.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Wedding Pictures

Ok so it only took me four months but finally they are here our wedding pictures.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Look what Farther Christmas got me

Happy new Year to every one!

I know this blog was created for me to tell all you folks what I've been up to but hey it's my blog and I get to say what I like. And I think you will all want to check out this very shinny piece of kit. I' was very lucky and Farther Christmas got me a DUALphone 3088, which is not only a phone hand set for skype but also a normal telephone too. Yeah so what you say devices like these for skype and other VoIP systems have been around for a while now. That's as maybe but this little fella simply pugs into your network and phone socket and your away. In the box there is the handset that feels like any other cordless phone, it's charger station which has a mains transformer molded to it. Then a base station about the same size as the charger station that has a three sockets on the back one for the mains transformer, Ethernet and finally for your phone. Once it's all plugged in you can make calls on your land line just like any other phone. The device will get it's IP settings if your running DCHIP, or if not like me you can configure it's address from the hand set. Once your connected to your network you can either sign in to you existing skype account or create a new one.

The call quality is good the buttons feel like real buttons, you can also do hands free speaker phone and connect a ear piece/headset to the handset if you so desired. I recently had a play with the Belkin Wi-Fi skype phone and this beats it hands down. Ok so the Dual Phone 3088 is designed for your home or office not jumping between Hot Spots like the Belking Phone, but the Belkin device has no web browser so all those hotels with wi-fi that require to go to a web page and enter your room number, surname or credit card details will be of no use to you.

So in my new role as technology adviser to the masses if you regullaly use skype and want a handset for your home or office that can also be a land line phone, do it buy one, mine came from Home-phones.co.uk

Give me a ring on skype user jamesbreward if you want to hear the quality.

All the best for 2007!