Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ironclad General Utility Gloves For Sale

OK after much anticipation I have managed to get my hands on a supply of the Ironclad General Utility Gloves in Safety Orange, the ones I have been using and many of you have asked me about. I have one pair of small and the rest are medium if you would like a pair they are £15 including postage and packing, just drop me an email and I'll give you an address to send the cheque.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Liverpool Empire to Edinburgh Playhouse

Two weeks may sound like a long time to move a show, but when you have lots of automation a big set lots of video bits and four rows of delays, there is not that much spare time when you add in a few tech and dress rehearsals. It's been a good couple of weeks Edinburgh is a really nice city the theatre is good to work in. We ate and drink in some really good places, so much so that we have updated the Edinburgh Playhouse entry in Wikipedia We also managed to get a good repore going with Owen the man who works the coffee hut out side John Lewis.

It was not all hard work we did manage to get out and see James Bond.

PJ and I also managed to get out to the Falkirk Wheel on or Sunday day off.

I'm off to Aberdeen now to move Scrooge to Sunderland.