Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Grosvenor House - Music Industry Trusts' Award - Harvey Goldsmith

Another day another gig and Monday saw me at the Great Room at the Grosvenor House, the largest ball room in central London. The event was the Music Industry Trusts' Award and it was presented to Harvey Goldsmith. It turned out to be quite a nice gig when I arrived at 11am the stage PA stacks were in and the extra C6's in for the roof were flown. All I was involved with was a little system in the bar for some presentations and a singer to track. Nice and easy, not at all what I was expecting to walk into. The gig went well as ever and Status Quo were top as a cabaret band. I had volunteered to do the out as well which means waiting out the curfew on the lift until 7am and then loading the truck. We had all the kit boxed and ready to go and our heads down by 4, back up at 7 to watch the next even be wheeled in and at 8 it should have been our slot on the lift and away. But it wasn't to be due to some error with crew booking so instead f the 10 we expected we had 4, which meant the Quo boys were late out the door and so were we. But I was on the train home for 10 so that's not bad. Another happy day.


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