Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mac Expo UK - Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

Having stayed at my cousins in Putney it was no big detour to swing by Olympia for a few hours to check out all things mac. As Fozzie was at Saddlers Wells he being a mac owner in waiting came over too. Wandering around I confirmed I would like a iMac for the house and a MacBook to replace my G4 PowerBook, but that's all big money and with the plans to move house I can't splurge that right now, so more window shopping. There was some clever home entertainment systems on show, crumpler bags and iPod cases for days and lots of people showing off the Elgato Eyetv Hybrid. Now this I could justify buying having had my eye on the DTT model but being reluctant to buy it as we still can't get digital TV and soon the analogue transmission will be turned off so I was kind of stuck. Then the Hybrid came out, excellent it will work now and is future proof, well as future proof as any piece of technology can be. So one of those in the bag Fozzie meanwhile drooling over the latest model of his Digital SLR, was rained back in when I suggested he saved his money for his MacBook instead. Oh and reminded him to work out how the white balance worked on hi existing model first, have any of you seen the guest book pictures from the wedding?

Any road got my Hybrid back home rather excited, plugged it in and it all seemed to do that wonderful mac thing and work. I can even intermittently get some digital channels, score! So I am very pleased. All I need now is Apple's iTV box so I can stream all the stuff I'm now recording to the TV. Happy Dayz!


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