Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mac Expo UK - Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

Having stayed at my cousins in Putney it was no big detour to swing by Olympia for a few hours to check out all things mac. As Fozzie was at Saddlers Wells he being a mac owner in waiting came over too. Wandering around I confirmed I would like a iMac for the house and a MacBook to replace my G4 PowerBook, but that's all big money and with the plans to move house I can't splurge that right now, so more window shopping. There was some clever home entertainment systems on show, crumpler bags and iPod cases for days and lots of people showing off the Elgato Eyetv Hybrid. Now this I could justify buying having had my eye on the DTT model but being reluctant to buy it as we still can't get digital TV and soon the analogue transmission will be turned off so I was kind of stuck. Then the Hybrid came out, excellent it will work now and is future proof, well as future proof as any piece of technology can be. So one of those in the bag Fozzie meanwhile drooling over the latest model of his Digital SLR, was rained back in when I suggested he saved his money for his MacBook instead. Oh and reminded him to work out how the white balance worked on hi existing model first, have any of you seen the guest book pictures from the wedding?

Any road got my Hybrid back home rather excited, plugged it in and it all seemed to do that wonderful mac thing and work. I can even intermittently get some digital channels, score! So I am very pleased. All I need now is Apple's iTV box so I can stream all the stuff I'm now recording to the TV. Happy Dayz!

The Science Museum isn't it great

Thursday night saw us back in the London Science museum for a dinner for a company that does networking things with research institutes. Another nice and easy gig, start at 5 finish not long after midnight. I was banned from the truck pack as apparently I offended the rather pathetic driver of the last one when I stepped up and assisted with the final stages of the pack. I ask you who wants to stand around and watch some one mince about with a hand full of boxes who can't even a jigsaw?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The New Boy With Metro

Well ever seeking to try out different things I managed to get my self an interview with Metro a AV company based not far from Waterloo. Apparently they were looking for sound engineers, so off I go I met Mary the HR person, after we chatted for a bit we walked through the warehouse and building on my way out meeting the production managers. Before I knew it I had got myself a gig, 12 radio mic's 6 d&b C6's and a sports hall deep in the bowels of the Shell Building even closer to Waterloo. It was quite pleasant and nice and short. Hopefully there will be a little more form them soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Waitrose, Mop up

Well as the year draws to a close Fozzie and myself were lucky enough to be invited to Waitrose to review the events we were involved with last year and talk about those we're doing next year. Quite an honor for my self as I am normally brought in when all the plans are made and leave once the truck is loaded. I think it was a very fruitful day and I am sure things will be bigger and better next year.

We were also there to wave farewell to Mr Derick Bond as he left the Events Team to look after the Conference Centre at the Odney Club. As you can see it was good night. But would you buy a used car from either of these?

Me at Salon International - the hair show

Yes I was at the International Salon show of the year, what do I know about hair and to be honest what do I want to know. I was there on the GHD (The Hair Staightners) hair stand running radio mics for their Fallen Angles Show. Lots of semi naked women with long hair done in impressive creative ways. It was really hot but quite a pleasant gig.

Virgin MegaStore Managers Conference

Well as if arriving at the Millbrook testing ground wasn't wired enough, the place really is a cross between star trek and the Top Gear track. Seeing a full size sonic the hedgehog boogieing with the best of them on the dance floor till 2 in the morning made the gig all the more worth wile. I also bumped into an old friend from LIPA Mr Tim Way doing very well for him self with a events company.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Evening Reception at the London Science Museum

Well probably one of the most interesting spaces I've done a gig in for a while, it was simply a evening reception, half a dozen speakers on stands little playback and a speech. But it's not often your in a room with four cars parked up a wall and the original Rocket locomotive.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So Fe and I are back from honeymoon and the wedding seems like it was so long ago.  I was all set for a nice quiet easy October, no such luck.  Thankfully I have been nice and busy.  I've been doing a the odd conference out for Delta sound and some install work for Gofer here in suffolk.  And there is much talk of projects for next year.  This weekend looks like it is going to be a busy one, I'll try and take some pictures and post the beginnign of next week.