Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spamalot at the Pallace

It may have been a bit quiet on here but that’s because I have been busy prepping Spamalot the Monty Python Musical. It’s been three weeks at Autograph building amp racks, radio racks and setting up the Digico D5t. Getting miles of cable off the shelf and inking speakers. And now we are at the Palace Theatre in London’s West End putting it all together. It’s been two days of pulling in cables through voids up walls round corners and generally trying to avoid breathing in too much Victorian vintage dust as clean the Palace certainly isn’t. It makes a big contrast against My Fair Lady’s last out from Cardiff Millennium Theatre a couple of weeks ago.

So far we have run in 14 lengths of Soccaplex, two Guffs, the run to Front of House and the run to Automation and the DSM the runs are not straightforward or pleasant so it is a fairly painful long process. With any luck all the cable infrastructure should be in by the close of play tomorrow. I’ve had the tinternet up and running in the building since lunch on the first day but there is not much time for sitting around playing so I’m writing this on the train home. There is talk of a web camera being put out broadcasting the progress of the fitup I’m hopeful as it would be quite a cool thing to do but we’ll see.