Friday, July 14, 2006

Waitrose, the Royal Show Stoneleigh and Great Yorkshire

It's been such a disappointment not having wireless access in these show grounds and being at home long enough to put my washing through the machine before setting off a gain. But I've time for a little catch up this morning.

The Royal Show at Stoneleigh was HOT damm HOT, inside and out side the tent, it also didn't help having two ovens and large chiller unit chucking out heat into the tent. But at least it was a walk in chiller, it wasn't uncommon to find some one 'tidying' it making the most of the cool ness.

The first day of the show was a bit of an epic as once I'd set every thing up I went down to Milton Keynes to do the over night out of My Fair Lady and then straight back to Stoneleigh via the shower to do another full day on the show fueled by coffee. It's the rock and roll life style. It took me good week to fully recover.

Although I am a late comer to the Waitrose Events Team party with the help of Mrs Moon, cookery writer extraordinaire , Miss KT Bishop TV chef superstar and I have been able to create the 'and' part of my title all members of the Events Team have. Technician and Breakfast creator is mine, egg and bacon sandwitches a plenty, or what ever else is available, and being Waitrose the supplies are superb.

So Stoneleigh sweated away and there was two days at home before I set off for Yorkshire, which was much cooler. Being the home ground for the Redwall team the designers of the Waitrose stand a group of them came over to join us dinner in the Waitrose tent. A great evening topped off by a very amusing whisky tasting.

Well my trip home is brief as I'm now off to Norwich for the Lord mayors Fair, I'll take my camera and get some pictures for the beginning of next week.


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