Monday, July 17, 2006

Norwich Lord Mayors Day – Chapel Field Gardens Music Festival

This weekend saw me looking after front of house at the bow up stage in Chapel Field Gardens in Norwich with Coastal Audio and Synergy Audio. When the guys said it was going to be a blow up stage I was expecting some kind of bouncy castle thing but it was a proper raised stage with inflatable roof, which was fine other than the drone of the fans and the whine of the escaping air. We were using Synergy’s Proel Line Array ground stacked with four extra subs, Yamaha M7CL on monitors and DM2000 with me at front of house. It all went together nice and easily as soon as we had resolved the issue of the FOH tent being on the floor and then explaining that some 8’x4’ sheets of ply and some tyres would not suffice as a platform, I know some engineers like to have a little boogie as they are mixing but to have the whole thing bouncing around would just make me sea sick.

All the bands that performed were good, some we’re really great, and my favourites were Sargasso Trio and Kissmet, Balkan Bateria Soundclash we’re also very intresting and the Drum and Bass numbers were great.

It was really hot over the weekend but thanks to a supermarket giving away surplus produce at the end of a show we were well stocked with Clementine’s and with the help a smoothie or two we kept up the liquid intake and got our 5 portions aside from Jake who still believes Pringles should count as a portion of fruit and veg being made with potatoes. As the days were fairly long and busy there wasn’t much time for antics so we were all quite well behaved. Cheers to Jake Will and Chubby. Top weekend.


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