Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waitrose at the Royal Highland Show 2

Seen as the forecast looked a bit damp before we left we did well to stay dry. I've eaten a lot of superb Scottish beef, some lovely summery fruity puddings and a bit of Scottish salmon. I think this is one of the most pleasant gigs I've done in a while, I do need to keep my eye on my waist line if I am still going to make it into my suit for the wedding. The Waitrose team were top and did a splendid job especially when some slightly over jolly people one evening turned all the power off. Just what you want with a load of fridges. Hi to Caroline, Ann, Rosemary, Karen and the two placement students who didn't really know what they had let them selves in for Zoey and Emily hope your feet have recovered. The next event it the Royal Show at Stonligh Show Ground Warwickshire starting on Sunday.


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