Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Chances of us finishing by 4 were a million to one but still we tried

It was My Fair Lady out of Woking this weekend again we were on top form storming through it but the heat was wearing us down. By 2 we had all the boxes down nearly everything packed we just had cable to pack away, this took for ever because the amps had been put in the small room behind the pit meaning all the cable was treaded through a small hole in the wall, this combined with the front of house run been crammed and a nightmare to pull out. In the end it was 6 when we closed the doors on the trailer. I have high hopes for Milton Keynes in a few weeks, as the mults shouldn't give us a problem and access should be nice and easy, lets just hope it doesn't get too hot. Well done team we did well.


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