Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waitrose at the Royal Highland Show 2

Seen as the forecast looked a bit damp before we left we did well to stay dry. I've eaten a lot of superb Scottish beef, some lovely summery fruity puddings and a bit of Scottish salmon. I think this is one of the most pleasant gigs I've done in a while, I do need to keep my eye on my waist line if I am still going to make it into my suit for the wedding. The Waitrose team were top and did a splendid job especially when some slightly over jolly people one evening turned all the power off. Just what you want with a load of fridges. Hi to Caroline, Ann, Rosemary, Karen and the two placement students who didn't really know what they had let them selves in for Zoey and Emily hope your feet have recovered. The next event it the Royal Show at Stonligh Show Ground Warwickshire starting on Sunday.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Waitrose at The Royal Highland Show

The sun is out and we're nice and busy here on the Waitrose stand at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh. I'm looking after the power for the stand and the AV and sound for the cooking demonstrations. They are showing off some superb dishes, and I have managed to try quite a few of them. After we resolved the radio microphone frequency issues with the judging rings, which made the first morning quite interesting, the only trouble I have had is with the big light boxes which randomly trip out. But I need something to keep me on my toes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Chances of us finishing by 4 were a million to one but still we tried

It was My Fair Lady out of Woking this weekend again we were on top form storming through it but the heat was wearing us down. By 2 we had all the boxes down nearly everything packed we just had cable to pack away, this took for ever because the amps had been put in the small room behind the pit meaning all the cable was treaded through a small hole in the wall, this combined with the front of house run been crammed and a nightmare to pull out. In the end it was 6 when we closed the doors on the trailer. I have high hopes for Milton Keynes in a few weeks, as the mults shouldn't give us a problem and access should be nice and easy, lets just hope it doesn't get too hot. Well done team we did well.

What a Slacker or I've been really busy?

Well I did really well on The War of the Worlds posting daily, well on last weeks gig Show Boat at the Royal Albert Hall there was no time for that. It was a bit of an epic, the overnight rigg started at 01:30 on Monday morning, the plan was to get the Amps and flown UM-1's in, up and cabled and checked before the day crew arrive at 8am to continue on with the orchestra system. However the truss took for ever to get off the ground so it was about 11:00 that we finally got all the over stage boxes flown so the over night crew left. However once this was ticked I had the front of house desk area to put together and check through. Followed by a climb up the truss to refine the angles of the flown boxes before the truss was flow out to full height. So in the end myself and PJ left at about 19:30 in the evening rounding off a nice 18 hour day.

Tuesday started at 09:00 with the rest of the rigg been put in and the orchestra being prepped and a full line check. The evening was measuring and alignment for the TiMax and Target Tracking Artist, the delay based matrix and artist tracking system that dynamically changes the delay of each characters to the 16 over stage hangs and 9 pairs of front fills in order for the vocal image to be accurately positioned on stage. It works well and is one of the only ways to achieve good results in a venue as unique as the Albert Hall, however it does take the same number of measurements as it does to build the titanic. In the end that was about 15 hours.

As the week continued the days started to get a little bit shorter but the were still as full on. But it is good fun to do gigs in the Albert Hall even if they are difficult.