Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunderland Empire - Oh what for a Pit Lift

Well we were going great on the My Fair Lady out of Sunderland on Saturday night. The stage boys did well keeping a lot of the bodies off the stage I think that was mainly because a lot of the stuff was on a deads wagon. Any how Toby and I cleared the stage of the fold back and cue lights nice and fast then began striking the prosc. Unfortunately as all the empty cases were in the sub stage we ended up creating a large pile of our stuff centre stage. We were doing well for time mind, Mark had finished the desk, Alex the pit and Nick the radios, and this was all by about two. Now here's the really dull part we had to strike the advance truss off the house motors so we could then use the two motors to get all the cases out of the pit. This put a good hour if not more on to the out. So as we closed the doors on our trailer at around 05:30 ish that could have easily been 4:30 if not earlier. We'll see how Woking is in a few weeks.


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