Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds, UK Tour

The War is Over! That’s all of it. Well nearly all of the equipment has been returned from where it came. What was bought for the production has gone into storage until the show is done again. Which is not likely to be too far away possibly before Christmas.

Down at Music Bank were the Kevin (Production Stage Manager) back line team including Barry (Guitars) who tripped in the dark on a piece of barrier and took a bad tumble on his way back to the buss coming out of the Pont Dublin. He suspects he’s broken some ribs and bruised his hand when he fell. Like a trooper he was in today, not lifting much though, stayed long enough to get everything sorted and gave into the nagging and went off to get him self looked at. Unfortunately he has had to cancel his next job with Kasabian. Hope he’s back on form soon.

The other outstanding thing is Martins end of tour report which we were looking forward to reading I hope he will post it or email it soon so if appropriate we can all read it.

Having never done a tour like this before I had a really great times yes there were times and elements I found difficult. That said I really enjoyed the tour, I got a kick out of the toys I got to play with and learnt a lot from the other people on the tour. So to all of you who helped me get this gig and all those who helped me on the gig, thank you.

Until the next gig…


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