Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunderland Empire - Oh what for a Pit Lift

Well we were going great on the My Fair Lady out of Sunderland on Saturday night. The stage boys did well keeping a lot of the bodies off the stage I think that was mainly because a lot of the stuff was on a deads wagon. Any how Toby and I cleared the stage of the fold back and cue lights nice and fast then began striking the prosc. Unfortunately as all the empty cases were in the sub stage we ended up creating a large pile of our stuff centre stage. We were doing well for time mind, Mark had finished the desk, Alex the pit and Nick the radios, and this was all by about two. Now here's the really dull part we had to strike the advance truss off the house motors so we could then use the two motors to get all the cases out of the pit. This put a good hour if not more on to the out. So as we closed the doors on our trailer at around 05:30 ish that could have easily been 4:30 if not earlier. We'll see how Woking is in a few weeks.

Digico D5 Live - Great!

Another week of what seems like endless prep at Autograph Sound Recording for Show Boat at the Royal Albert Hall. Most of the rigging is complete, the speakers that are flown from the over head truss are all prepared and freshly inked. I have just about got all the front of house elements together. Friday Afternoon PJ and myself checked through all the outputs of TiMax through the XTA's to the amps so that's out puts to amps signed off.
Our desk a D5 Live from Sound Hire only arrived at five o'clock on Friday, which gave me less than an hour to load it up ensure it all worked. Luckily it was just a case of adding a few digital i/o cards to the local madi rack and all is well. It was the first time I had ever set a D5 up from a blank canvas so that was quite exciting. By quarter to seven I had ensured that the desk was doing what I wanted it to do and I had set up all the output groups so Richard in rehearsals can program the desk as he wishes. Next week is a case of racking up the pieces of equipment that have been ordered and packing it all up for the Fitup which starts on sunday at midnight

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hidy Hi! Service Engineer on call

My work is nothing if not varied, it's great. Thursday and Friday saw me visiting holiday camps from Kent to Clacton-on-sea carrying out simple little repairs. Like plugging things in the right holes and pressing the on-button. It's all good fun and I did get to drive a Land Rover all day on Thursday. Variety is superb.

Back in to the Autograph hire store on Monday to continue with Show Boat.

Friday, May 12, 2006

LIPA until next time and Show Boat at the Albert Hall it has begun

Ok so having been a keenie and posted daily on TWOTW I must appear as a real slacker having not posted for over a week. Well I've been busy. Monday was my final appearance at LIPA for this season, this weeks lecture was MIDI and show control or M1D1 as I have heard it called. That was great the students really took to creating sounds with G-Type Akai samplers and Yamaha desks, and were inspired by the flexibility it gave them over Mini Disks and analogue mixing desks. To all the team who have been part of Advanced Live Sound this term all the best with your careers and I hope to see you on a gig in the future. I think I managed to cover my trail sufficiently that although nothing is confirmed yet I believe I may be asked to fill the same slot next year which would be great.

So Tuesday was back in to the real world, well as real as being a Freelance Sound Engineer can be and I was back at Autograph with PJ and Steve preparing the kit for Show Boat which goes into the Albert Hall in a few weeks. What a contrast after three weeks on tour, I do like the variety of my work. Well next week is a week off as Show Boat prep is on hold while all but me go and put Avenue Q into the west end. So Fe has written me a list of jobs to do at home and my Land Rover is finally up for sail on eBay item 4639035508 those of you who know me will be aware that while I really like my land rover it has spent more time in pieces than as a serviceable vehicle. So the time has finally come to pass the old girl on to some one with more time to spare. Oh there's also a Kayak and trailer tent for sail if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds, UK Tour

The War is Over! That’s all of it. Well nearly all of the equipment has been returned from where it came. What was bought for the production has gone into storage until the show is done again. Which is not likely to be too far away possibly before Christmas.

Down at Music Bank were the Kevin (Production Stage Manager) back line team including Barry (Guitars) who tripped in the dark on a piece of barrier and took a bad tumble on his way back to the buss coming out of the Pont Dublin. He suspects he’s broken some ribs and bruised his hand when he fell. Like a trooper he was in today, not lifting much though, stayed long enough to get everything sorted and gave into the nagging and went off to get him self looked at. Unfortunately he has had to cancel his next job with Kasabian. Hope he’s back on form soon.

The other outstanding thing is Martins end of tour report which we were looking forward to reading I hope he will post it or email it soon so if appropriate we can all read it.

Having never done a tour like this before I had a really great times yes there were times and elements I found difficult. That said I really enjoyed the tour, I got a kick out of the toys I got to play with and learnt a lot from the other people on the tour. So to all of you who helped me get this gig and all those who helped me on the gig, thank you.

Until the next gig…

Monday, May 01, 2006

Final Load out complete - Martian Defeated

What a relief, finally free from the Martians clutches. That’s it the last of the trucks is loaded and we’re now making the most of the hospitality bar before we fly home. Hopefully we will all get our luggage back on landing.

It’s been a long three and a half weeks, hard work yet fun (but not all the time) Rob, Brew and Martin.