Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Wembely Arena the DVD Shoot

Today you find Jeff Wayne’s the War of the Worlds at Wembley Arena and tonight is the night they are also doing the video shoot.
Well while a lot of the team were in here yesterday pre-rigging I was at LIPA doing my penultimate lecture with the third years discussing system wide processing for install and live, all things sound web and media matrix and alike. It was good if a little rushed it was also great to get a night at home.

So up on what is a slightly larger stage there is also half a dozen cameras, out in the arena there are a few in front of the Front of house position. Just to my right here on stage right there is a little jib then right on the back corner of the arena is a huge jib i recon about 15 meters long. So because all this filming and recording there are at least twice as many crew as normal. We're just about to start sound check as the plan is to do a full run through for the benefit of the recording both sound and video.


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