Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds, The Point Dublin - The Last Night of the Tour

Well I'm sat here on the side of stage the show started a little late but that was because of late commers not us. It was tight but we made it happen, when we arrived at mid day all the motors were floating which saved us a bit of time we managed to get everything ready for a reasnable sound check. There were a few problems with the marshan but I think that was down to everything being so tight for time. I'm now sat here on the side of stage wathcing the playback and keayboards and everything seems to be ok. I think this is probably the oddest venue of the tour as it is a old tram shed so it is neither a Theatre or Arena it's a kind of blend of the two, seems quite nice though.

I'm now glad I have chosen to fly back tomorrow and am looking forward to getting home by midday when the tour busses won't even be in Hollyhead by then. All that is left to do is the out thisevening which will be a different truck pack as the trailers will be packed by where things need to end up not what time they are needed. The on tuesday when all the back line stuff arrives back in London I'll seporate it all out to be returned from whence it came. Then it's on to the next one.


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